MOOC in Career Counselling and Guidance with emphasis in e-Counselling

This output is the result of the iterative design, production, implementation and evaluation of a Massive Open Online Course on Career Counselling with emphasis in e-Counselling. The MOOC offers ways to create a bridge from study to work, training professionals to help students plan their careers.

High quality career guidance in higher education and vocational education and training institutions can support effective transitions of graduates to the workplace. Also can help reduce employability skills mismatches and shortages by informing undergraduates about what types of jobs are available, the skills required for them and paths to develop the demanded skills. However, career counselling and guidance has a strong tradition in some European higher education systems while in others the access to guidance services is limited.

This MOOC currently under development aims to train career guidance workers and counsellors in the methods, techniques and tools for effective guidance in higher education and vocational education settings so that they can support undergraduates in making well-informed choices for their career paths and professional skills development. In addition, the MOOC has a special focus on the role of ICT in delivering counselling services.

The target audiences of the MOOC are graduates in Psychology or in disciplines such as Labor Relations, Work Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Social Education and Social Anthropology, among others. That said, it will also be open to the entire educational community, including other educational levels and sectors, especially vocational education and training.


This project is coordinated by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)
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