European Vocational Skills Week (EVSW) – 3rd Edition

The third edition of the European Vocational Skills Week (EVSW), as announced by the Commissioner Ms. Marianne Thyssen, took place from 5 to 9 November 2018 in Vienna, Austria. Many additional events and activities took place at national, regional, and local levels across Europe. The aim of the EVSW is to raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities available through Vocational Education Training (VET), and encourage more people to participate and learn what it has to offer.

VET offers people of all ages an excellent opportunity to develop their skills, prepare for jobs, and improve their employability.In this context, on 7th November the IOC participated in an event in Barcelona to disseminate the Intellectual Output 2 of the European project Skill Up: “Matching graduates’ skills and labour world demands through authentic learning scenarios”. This Intellectual Output 2 focuses on how authentic learning scenarios can be created, used and evaluated in ways that help bridge the gaps between the formal curricula in HE/VET and the real life/labour market world, so that students acquire relevant soft and hard skills to enhance their employability.

The IOC team of the project, Núria Vilanova and Robert Candel, showed the results of the implementation of authentic learning scenarios in a subject of the on-line program of Administration and Finance studies in VET. They explained the experience of such a change, the analysis of the employability skills and the subject-specific skills through the results obtained during the fieldwork.

Finally, they advanced the steps to be taken in the next year of the project. They explained the work-on-process of the Intellectual outputs 3 and 4, which are a MOOC in Career Counseling
and Guidance, with emphasis on e-Counseling that will be launched on 25th February 2019 and a virtual platform (Hub) to bring together employers’ representatives, academic personnel and career counselors to improve the preparation of students for work that will be finished by June 2019.

More details about the redesigning of a subject taking into account the characteristics of the authentic learning task are available on the paper “Authentic Learning in the on-line program of
the Administration and Finance studies in Vocational Education Training (VET). The case: redesigning and analysing the subject of Project on Administration and Finance”, which you can
find on the web of the project.


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