Successful Multiplier Event on Authentic Learning and Career Counseling


On September 20, 2018 Skill Up Project partners shared their experiences and project results in a Multiplier Event organised by the Stockholm University. The purpose was also to discuss new methods and tools to support transitions from higher education to work, authentic learning approaches in higher education and e-counselling among different topics of interest. Around 40 people participated from six different countries.


In the morning Dr. Fredrik Hertzberg, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education at Stockholm University was keynote on the topic “The potential of career guidance counselling in higher education.” Several presentations were held by project members regarding the topic on authentic learning scenarios in order to support graduates make successful transitions from higher education to the labour market. Additionally, there were short presentations from Cuba about Vocational education training and exploratory studies as well as ICT in career guidance and Career guidance and counselling with refugees by from Stockholm University.


The participants overall impression of the Multiplier event and its content was very good or excellent. The topic represented a major interest or relevance for the participants organisation was planning a MOOC for career guidance counselling. The event seemed to have increased the awareness of authentic learning and career counselling and guidance in higher education according to the evaluation. A majority of the participants expect to use the information and analysis obtained through the event in their work as well as the majority’s perceptions expect that the information and analysis obtained are of relevance to policymakers in their country.




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