Members of the Skill Up project attend a research cooperation workshop at the University of Pinar del Río, Cuba

Members of the Skill Up project from the Stockholm University (Eva Edman and Kajsa Falkner) and from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Adriana Ornellas) have attended a collaborative and exploratory research workshop organized by the University of Pinar del Río, Cuba and have presented the overall framework of the project and the results of the first output.

The purpose of the workshop that took place on 19-21 March 2018 was to bring together researchers in the field of vocational education and training to present research and discuss potentialities for further cooperation.

Cuba has an education system highly valued by UNESCO and with a strong tradition of research-based education. Some of the conferences presented covered topics such as new plans for university teachers training according to local educational problems or the training in digital competencies for the inclusion of teachers and students in the information society.

For its part, the presentation of Kajsa Falker, Eva Edman and Adriana Ornellas have focused mainly on the taxonomy of employability skills defined in the fist stage of the project and some paths to match employability skills supply and demand.

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