Skill Up Project and career counselling role at University of Stockholm

The research conference “Transitions, career learning and career management skills. Multi-
disciplinary and critical perspectives” took place at 19-20 October 2017 at Stockholm
University, and was organised by a group of researchers within the national research network
Career Development and Career Guidance.

The conference brought up currently much-discussed issues in society and politics, in Sweden
and internationally: how career choice and career development affect the establishment and
mobility of individuals in their working life and may prevent social marginalization and
exclusion. However, Swedish research concerning young people’s and adults’ transitions,
careers, and career competences is relatively sparse in international comparison, also as
compared to several of the Nordic countries, and multi-disciplinary approaches are
uncommon. The conference aimed at initiating and developing multidisciplinary research
collaboration which can lead to increased knowledge about and critical understanding of
transitions, career learning and career competence.

One example from the presentations was Dr. Rebeca García Murias and Dr. Peter Weber from
the University of Applied Labour Studies in Germany who presented their research about
international mobility within Europe as life transition: analysis of career guidance counselling
competences of mobility counselors. They are investigating what professional counseling
competencies guidance practitioners need in order to deal with education and labour market
mobility in Europe. They highlighted that the recognition and validation of qualifications and
competencies has to be facilitated both in education and the labour market of today.

Career guidance counselling for international mobility is crucial in order to prepare individuals for
the opportunities abroad. The expected outcomes from the research is to offer a mobility
guidance and counselling training module in order to provide guidance practitioners with the
skills and competencies they need to support international mobility in order to assist people
who plan their mobility to make informed choices about education and/or labour mobility in

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